Posted by: Keith Clark | July 17, 2009

Growing in Community

As Christians we are called to be apprentices of Jesus, walking alongside Him, observing Him in action, listening to Him speak, and joining in when the time is right. Just as Jesus gathered multiple apprentices around him to live out their faith in community, so we must live out our faith in community. It is my hope that this blog will serve as another means of engagement in the communal life of faith and that as a result of whatever conversations may arise, we may each become more faithful apprentices of Jesus.

Much of my time as a minister is spent speaking or writing. Unfortunately, our traditional environment has tended to limit, if not prevent, opportunities for dialogue. Bulletin articles, sermons, and classes often become one way streets, with traffic always flowing from minister to congregation. My hope is that this blog will serve to open up another lane for traffic in the opposite direction.

Not only that, but many of us aren’t able to engage each other in conversation when we are gathered together. We need open lanes between each other as well.

One of the ways in which I hope to open these lanes is by posting my weekly bulletin articles. This will allow people in the congregation I serve, as well as others, to enter into conversations about apprenticeship. Since apprenticeship is an everyday kind of lifestyle which takes place in the ordinariness of life, I’ll share observations and reflections on the ups and downs and ins and outs of the journey.

I invite you to join in the conversation and hope that through our interaction, we might learn from each other, as together we explore what it means to be apprentices of Jesus.


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