Posted by: Keith Clark | January 3, 2010


Fifty-two weeks ago today Mindy and I were worshipping with the Skyline Church in Jackson, loaded U-Haul parked outside the church building, and as we worshipped I must admit I was a bit distracted wondering what the future would hold. The following Sunday would be our first Sunday to worship in Hohenwald, the first Sunday for me to teach and preach, the first Sunday to begin learning names and corresponding faces.

They say time flies when you are having fun. We have certainly enjoyed fun times with so many, sharing stories over meals, laughing out loud while playing games, singing God’s praises with one voice. Sometimes, though, time seems to crawl. We’ve also had opportunities to weep with so many who have endured not-so-fun times of fretting about surgeries and mourning the losses of loved ones over the last year. Through it all, the Hohenwald Church has come to feel like home to us.

What a blessing it has been to sit in front of J.B. Brown and hear him lift his beautiful bass voice in praise to God. What a blessing it has been to sense the love for our church family in Stephanie Fielder as she shares with us the latest updates on those who are sick and asks us to be sure to keep them in our prayers. What a blessing it has been to witness the dedication and compassion of the ladies who send out cards as a part of the Encouragers. What a blessing it has been to observe the servant heart of Jerry Carroll in action as he chauffeurs several of our members to and from worship. What a blessing it has been to observe Paula Brown and Bill Skelton sharing God’s love with our neighbors in the community through our benevolence ministry. What a blessing it has been to see firsthand the love and care our elders have for each member of this flock.

As we come to the end of our first year of ministry among and alongside each of you, we are filled to overflowing with thanks for the tremendous blessing you have been to us. As we begin a new year of ministry, we are filled to overflowing with anticipation for all that God will do to strengthen and deepen the love and the faith of each of us individually and our church family as a whole. Here’s to fifty-two more weeks of journeying together as the body of Christ, inhabited by the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father!


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