Posted by: Keith Clark | August 24, 2010

Everything Changed

At 1:43 pm, August 2, my life changed forever, as Mindy and I welcomed Carson Robert into the world. Every day since has been filled with wonderful discoveries and surprises. We have cried, laughed, and marveled at the amazing gift of life as we’ve witnessed it from an entirely new perspective.

I’m excited to share with Carson so much about life – music, Memphis basketball, ACU, reading, and how wonderful his mom is are near the top of the list. But what I hope to share with him more than anything else is something my dad shared with me – a heart given in service to others through Christlike ministry. I have no idea what Carson will do when he grows up (though he may well enter a profession that doesn’t even exist today), but that’s not really what I’m talking about. I want to encourage Carson to spend his life doing whatever he is gifted to do and passionate about. But I can’t wait to invite him to join me for trips to the hospital or visits to the nursing home, so that we can share together the kinds of holy moments I shared with my dad growing up. Because the truth is, whatever career Carson chooses, I hope he will choose to make Christlike service his life’s vocation, no matter where he finds himself. I only hope I can live the kind of authentic life that will make that an easy choice.

In the meantime, I treasure every moment with him.



  1. I am so thankful to live life with you, sweet husband!! Parenting our precious Carson with you has been an absolute joy already!! I love you:)

  2. Recently, I have reflected on what formed my faith, and it was formed most by times of service with my parents. I know you and Mindy will carry on the legacy that your parents shaped.

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