Posted by: Keith Clark | April 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap

  • If you participate in the life of a church in any way, check out “The Church Calendar Challenge.”
  • Butler has made plenty of noise in the NCAA tournament, and their coach Brad Stevens deservingly has received much attention and credit. This article by Gary Parrish, calls out those who, by using labels–in this instance, “young”–diminish the skills and accomplishments of others even while praising them. Whether or not sports is of interest to you, the problem Parrish highlights extends into every area of life, as the “young” label is but one of the labels we use which actually mitigate our compliments of others.
  • “When Twittering Gets in the Way of Real Life” expresses well the danger of missing out on real life because of our obsession with connectivity.
  • Here’s a humorous and extremely well-written take on the marital ramifications of playing fantasy sports. Be warned: if you’ve played or if you’re married to or friends with a serious fantasy sports player, you may find yourself laughing out loud!
  • “I’m Not Good at Prayer” is an incredibly honest confession of the love/hate relationship many of us have with prayer.
  • One of my graduate school professors, Mark Hamilton, is currently writing an outstanding series of blog posts on “The Psalms in our Worship.” Here is a link to the first post in that series.

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