Posted by: Keith Clark | April 9, 2011

Weekly Wrap

  • Would you consider paying your mortgage this way?
  • You have to read this to believe it.
  • Here’s a feel-good story about an unlikely series of events and the way they’ve shaped (at least) two lives.
  • Take a few moments to read this postgame account from the Butler locker room after they lost to UConn in the national championship game. If only Jesus’s followers could respond this well to failure.
  • I’ve never developed much interest in golf, but in the midst of America’s continued obsession with all things Tiger, I will be rooting from now on for Ryo Ishikawa, a Japanese golfer who has committed all of his earnings in 2011 (yes, you read that correctly, 100%) to the efforts to recover from the effects of the tragic earthquake and tsunami.
  • No good parent would buy alcohol for a seven-year-old. More and more parents are buying smartphones for their elementary-school-aged children. Maybe this eye-opening article will stem that tide.

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