Posted by: Keith Clark | May 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap

Here’s a super-sized Weekly Wrap, after a few weeks of being unable to post one.

  • After 10 long years, the Memphis Grizzlies have finally won not only an NBA playoff game, but an NBA playoff series. For those who have patiently cheered for the much-maligned franchise in a much-maligned city, the victory could hardly be sweeter. Now, the Grizzlies prepare for the first Game 7 of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, after a huge win last night to stay alive against the Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • My wife, Mindy, pointed me to this convicting post. I’m guessing most of us need to be reminded rather frequently to be careful about the things we attribute to God and the way we often attribute them to God so thoughtlessly.
  • Parenting well is hard work. I frequently hear people talk about how much more difficult is this time in history for parents to parent, for children to grow up, for people to be godly, etc. Whether it is, in fact, more difficult, or whether such sentiments are the product of both our historical ignorance and our narcissism, is up for debate. Nevertheless, there are plenty of challenges to parenting well that are unique to our current setting. This article serves as a helpful catalyst for reflection by highlighting some of those specific challenges and suggesting some practices that can empower those striving to parent well. While you and I might see some things differently or come to some different conclusions, this article provides a reminder of the degree to which parenting well requires thoughtfulness and intentionality.
  • How many people in our churches might want to share their own version of these thoughts, if only they felt they could? What will it take for us to pay greater attention to the words we speak and the exclusive company we keep, so that we will not make life tougher for those in our midst who already feel as though it’s tough enough?
  • Greg Boyd casts a compelling call to love.
  • Dave Eggers piece on education is outstanding.
  • All discussions about the Bible would be better if they were guided by these rules of engagement.
  • I wonder whether you will resonate with these thoughts about the cross by Dan Bouchelle, as I have.

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