Posted by: Keith Clark | May 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap

  • No one has influenced my faith and my ministry more than Eugene Peterson. I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch this interview for the PBS program, “Religion and Ethics.”
  • If you watch the interview with Peterson, you’ll understand why I am extremely bothered by this story.
  • Sometimes public figures wear their faith on their sleeves, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes “public displays of faith” are as meaningless as “public displays of affection.” Butler basketball coach Brad Stevens serves as an example of one who maintains a serious and meaningful commitment to faith without wearing it on his sleeve.
  • Sometimes humor helps soften the blow of necessary self-criticism, as in this video.
  • I had never heard of Pat Kelsey before reading this article. I may never hear his name again. Turns out he doesn’t care. Read the fascinating story here.
  • Rachel Held Evans hits the nail on the head in this post about following Jesus.
  • “The things we may be unlearning, tweet by tweet — complexity, acuity, patience, wisdom, intimacy — are things that matter.” Bill Keller reflects on history as he cautions against the uncritical embrace of technology and social media.

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