Posted by: Keith Clark | June 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap

  • My son often changed into his baseball uniform at church to arrive in the third inning of Sunday games.” Imagine that. This post is a must-read about parenting and faith.
  • Andy Crouch shares a fantastic interview with Eugene Peterson and Peter Harris discussing the theological rationale for caring for creation.
  • Lynne Hybels relates her experiences in the Middle East and testifies to the ways they have shaped her in this provocative piece.
  • Here’s a pretty neat story from the recent Major League Baseball draft.
  • And I can’t have a story from the MLB draft without including this heartwarming story from the NBA draft.
  • This graphic essay is worth pondering.
  • Rachel Held Evans suggests “Blessed Are The Uncool.”
  • As a music enthusiast and the dad of a young child, I’m seriously thinking about employing this strategy for passing on good music to my son.
  • Here is a thoughtful post from a friend of a friend who is battling cancer.
  • What a different world it would be if we took the advice of this article about talking to children, particularly young girls.

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