Posted by: Keith Clark | January 30, 2012

Sermon Scraps – 1/29/12 – The Discipleship Adventure

Yesterday I began preaching a series of sermons from the Gospel of Mark which will take our congregation through Easter. The following words from Ched Myers’s outstanding commentary, Binding the Strong Man, capture with clarity the urgency of the prologue, Mark 1:1-20, on which my first sermon (“The Kingdom of God Has Come Near“) was based.

The call of Jesus…is absolute, disrupting the lives of potential recruits, promising them only a “school” from which there is no graduation. This “first” call to discipleship in Mark is an urgent, uncompromising invitation to “break with business as usual.” The world is coming to an end, for those who choose to follow. The kingdom has dawned, and it is identified with the discipleship adventure. (133)

I’m excited, but also a bit nervous, to see how our hearing Mark together may spur us to “break with business as usual” as we strive to follow Jesus on this “discipleship adventure.”


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