Posted by: Keith Clark | May 15, 2012


Our family is in the midst of a significant transition. After months of discernment, reflection, and prayer, we announced to the Hohenwald Church on March 25 that I would be taking an offer to work with another congregation. This decision was, in many ways, the most difficult decision we’ve had to make to this point in our lives. Our Hohenwald church family has loved us and been good to us, and we’ve grown to love them dearly too. We will forever treasure them in our hearts. We’ve developed a number of friendships that have blessed us tremendously, and we’ll be sad to leave those friends. It became increasingly clear to us, however, that we were feeling called to transition at this point in our lives and ministry to partner with the Southern Crescent Church in Tyrone, Georgia, just outside Atlanta.

After making our announcement, I continued to work through the end of April in an effort to ensure that the transition would be as smooth as possible for the Hohenwald Church. During that time, we’ve been extremely busy preparing for our transition: cleaning out my office, packing up our house, making the various arrangements that go into an interstate move. Since concluding my work in Hohenwald, we’ve moved on to house hunting in Tyrone and enjoying a few days at the beach. We’re now visiting dear family and friends we rarely have the opportunity to see.

In the meantime, I’m carving out time to pray about and begin planning for our ministry with the Southern Crescent family. I’m thankful for friends and mentors with whom I can share conversation and from whom I can receive wisdom as I prepare for this next phase in my ministry. Likewise, Mindy, Carson, and I are thankful for family and friends who are refreshing us so that we will be rejuvenated and reenergized as we begin this next phase in our lives and our ministry as a family.

We are incredibly excited about the opportunity that is before us as we partner with the Southern Crescent family. We are filled with anticipation for the new relationships and friendships we’ll make, the opportunities we’ll have to serve together, and the ways God will shape us as we follow Jesus together. We appreciate your prayers as we try to follow faithfully the leading of God into new territory.

During the remainder of our transition period, blog posts will be rather sporadic (as they have been over the last month and a half). I’ve got a few new reviews I’ll be posting and may post an occasional reflection. Once we get settled into our new context, however, I’ll resume more regular posting.



  1. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Scott!

  3. We look forward to serving with your family here at Southern Crescent. We pray for a successful transition for you. God bless you!

    • Thanks Pam! We’re excited to serve alongside your family too!

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