Posted by: Keith Clark | June 22, 2012

Music Review: Rain for Roots: Big Stories for Little Ones

Last fall, I shared a bit about my grave concern over the children’s music I’d have to listen to and to which I’d expose Carson as a young child and I mentioned how much Mindy and Carson and I have enjoyed the albums made by Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson, the wonderful singer-songwriters behind Slugs and Bugs.

I’m thankful to have discovered another incredibly good album for kids, Rain for Roots: Big Stories for Little Ones. The album is a result of a perfect match, the literary talent of Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of the widely acclaimed The Jesus Storybook Bible, paired with the musical talent of four gifted singer-songwriters (Sandra McCracken, Ellie Holcomb, Flo Paris, and Katy Bowser). The lyrics, which come from Lloyd-Jones’s Baby’s Hug-a-Bible, have been set to simple folk melodies that are relatively simple so that they can be picked up easily by young children, however they avoid the dangers of being overly simplistic or repetitious. And while the melodies are simple, they are fleshed out beautifully, and in diverse ways (varied tempos, different instrumentation, etc.), by these outstanding singer-songwriters and other talented musicians, including some of their husbands. On a few songs, some of the singers’ children sing along, offering a subtle encouragement to little listeners to sing along as well. They’ve also included in the digital booklet guitar chords and tunings for the songs, so that children or families could enjoy playing and singing them together. Perhaps most importantly, these songs do a great job of instilling in children the basic notion that God loves and cares for them individually, while reminding them God’s love is for all creation. The manner in which the album has been made by a community of believers (who fittingly conclude the album with an a cappella rendition of “Doxology” by the contributors and their families) rather than an isolated individual implicitly reinforces this communal ideal. This is a great album we’ll enjoy with Carson for years to come and I hope you or someone you know might enjoy it too.

The Rain for Roots folks have given me a 10% off discount code to share here on the blog, so if you’d like to get a copy of the album click over to the Rain for Roots site and enter the promo code EXPLORING as you check out. While the album will soon be available on other sites, including Amazon, for which I am an Associate, I’d encourage you, if you are going to buy the album, to purchase through the Rain for Roots site so that the artists themselves receive the maximum compensation for their hard work.



  1. Your Mom just directed me to your blog and the Rain for Roots album. I’m definitely going to purchase it for my granddaughters’ upcoming road trip … they will love it. Thanks for doing the research and for passing along the great recommendation! Hope you are all doing well. -Kathy Zeller

    • Kathy, I hope they enjoy it! I’m certainly happy to pass on recommendations! Great to hear from you! Hope you and Jim are having a good summer!

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